Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Exempt status. I get paid a certain amount of money each year, and no matter how much I work, I get paid the same.

By exempt, I mean that I am exempt from being paid overtime. Normally this is just so that if, for example, a server goes out while I'm gone and there is an emergency, my employer won't have to worry about paying me while I bring it back up.

The trouble is, employers these days, especially in the IT industry, are using exempt status to avoid having to pay their employees for overtime. I don't mind working the extra hours- if I get paid for it. But what reason is there to work the extra hours and not get paid, when I can just get a second job that pays me for working more?

I was just told by my co-workers today that, in spite of me being told that I would regularly have to work 50 hours per week, I would probably be working closer to 70 hours per week. I am effectively going to be paid about half what an hourly worker would be paid in my position. And who wants to work 70 hours a week? Not me.