Friday, April 2, 2021

Virtualbox Crashing when pulling up the Optical Drives Menu

 I'm still running an old version of Virtualbox (5.2.20), which is probably unsupported at this point.  One day, it started crashing whenever I had a VM open and went to Devices, Optical Drives.

The problem was that one of the ISOs I had mounted previously was on a network file server that didn't exist anymore.  I tried editing various VBox XML files, but they kept refreshing and including the old ISO file.

What I ended up doing was I temporarily changed another file server's IP to that of the old file server and I put an ISO file with the same name in the previous location.  Virtualbox seemed happy with this.  However, I wasn't able to find a good way to clear the recent ISO files list, so I tried the brute-force method: I mounted several other ISOs until it dropped off the list of recent ISO files.

After changing my file server's IP back, everything worked fine again.

I figured this out by using Process Monitor to figure out what the Virtualbox process was accessing.  When I saw it trying to pull up network paths, I ran Wireshark to see what was happening when it tried to access the server that wasn't there anymore.

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