Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Crackling sound in Virtualbox

I had a problem with crackling sound after upgrading Virtualbox to v5.2, similar to the bug report filed here.  I found a forum post where one of the developers suggested upgrading to the latest test build, which did not work.  In fact, it made Youtube videos unwatchable and slow, so it made things worse.

Combing through more forums, I found an old solution which worked.  I had my CPU usage throttled to 90%.  The article suggested raising this to 100%, which resolved the issue.

I scaled down the number of cores I was using to prevent the VM from consuming all of my CPU resources.  Also of note is that I am still using the test version.  Host is running Windows 10 1709, and the guest was running Windows 7.

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Unknown said...

Set the number of CPU’s to 1 in Settings/System/Processor.
Set the Execution Cap to 100% in Settings/System/Processor.
Set the Paravirtualization Interface to Minimal in Settings/System/Acceleration.
Set the Host Audio Driver to PulseAudio in Settings/Audio.
Set the Audio Controller to Intel HD Audio in Settings/Audio.
Set the the max 2 channels in Windows Audio.

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