Monday, July 21, 2008

My Computer Sucks

It looks like yet another one of my computer components is dying. So I feel like going on a rant...

My monitor turns itself off a second after I turn it on, then it comes on again for a second and turns off again. It does this for about 5 minutes after I turn it on.

My motherboard's fan quit spinning as fast, causing my chipset to overheat and all but 3 (thank God) of my USB ports don't work anymore. I even bought an extended warranty for it because I have so much bad luck with computer parts, but of course, this happened shortly after the warranty expired.

My video card's memory heatsinks fell off and I had to special order heatsink glue to reattach them. Also it mysteriously runs at 85 celcius under load. (Yes, I've cleaned the dust off of it and I have 12cm intake and exhaust fans.)

My processor turned out to be defective too. Fortunately it was under warranty.

My old laptop's video card died twice due to a manufacturing defect. The hard drive also died.

My new laptop's motherboard died a month after I bought it. Actually I bought it used, and this occured 3 months after the warranty expired (of course).

My iPod's hard drive died 2 years after I bought it.

All right, hopefully this wasn't too depressing. Enjoy the rest of my blog! :)

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